KULEN basecamp: the new structure, SALA WELCOME CENTER is finished. Opening in January 2024

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Siem Reap, November 1, 2023

Yes, it’s finally done! Donations collected a year ago already allowed the construction of this shelter, Information Center, “sala” in Khmer. This year was not without surprises or sweat, but finally, we embarked as Homer would say and could only find land.
Still a lot of work but we have reached our first stage with structures and equipment at the top of the mountain, which will allow us to open and welcome the first Cambodian campers in January 2024.
The time that passes, the uncertainties of this project and the challenges of the construction work will not be able to forgive my long silence from donors. My sincere apologies.
The adventure continues of course and today, morale is good, young forever, we have finished this beautiful Kulen leaf structure, at the top of the summit and can begin the second stage. And this time, I will work my social duty through Instagram and keep you informed of the  KULEN basecamp’s progress
Thanks again to the donors and see you soon.

PS: and of course the new KULEN basecamp page is accessible on Terre Cambodge